Question: What exactly is a postcard deck?

Answer: It is individual postcards all packaged together in a clear cellophane wrapper and mailed out to individual homes.

Question: Why Post Card Decks?

Answer: Postcard decks allow advertisters to “share the ride” by splitting the cost of postage, mailing lists and printing. The result: prices are a fraction of the cost of solo mailings.

Question: Do I have to supply the ad?

Answer: No. We have graphic designers who can create the card for you. Most companies will provide the artwork(pictures/logo/etc.) and we will put the card together. We do reserve the right to use the art we produce.

Question: Do you have to offer some kind of coupon or discount for the card?

Answer: No.  While most companies will have some sort of special or discount, it is not required.  Some companies have had success with never giving a discount.

Question: My business is seasonal.  Do I have to be in every mailing?

Answer: No.  Although we do offer discounts for annual contracts, you can choose to be in as many mailings as you like

Question: Will I know if CardNola has mailed to 50,000 homes?

Answer: Yes. CardNola will provide every advertiser a copy of a stamped postal receipt with the date and number of packs mailed.