Connecting Our Community

CardNola is proud & excited in connecting the SE Louisiana community with local vendors and businesses. Our intention is to help grow our local community in a positive way by helping the local business community connect with their customers in a fast and effective way. Together, we can build a stronger “Greater” New Orleans Area.

What Can We Provide For You

CardNola publishes an upscale, four-color, 6.0 x 4.25″ glossy postcard deck that is mailed to 50,000 homes in the Greater New Orleans area. We combine the beauty and quality of a high-end magazine with the cost effectiveness and trackability of direct mail. Our postcards are designed for maximum impact and generate high response rates for our advertisers. All of our post cards are 4-color, 2-sided and have a UV coating on the front.

CardNola Areas Of Distribution

CardNola will offer your business:

OWNER-OCCUPIED HOMES: We only target owner-occupied, single-family residences.

VALUABLE LEAD GENERATION: We mail to only owner-occupied single family homes with a starting family income of $50,000 & up.

HIGH RETENTION RATES: Studies show that postcard decks have a shelf life of months in some instances. The shelf life of most publication advertising  is 1-day. The shelf life of a 30-second radio or television spot is 30-seconds. Advertisers using CardNola can expect to see a return as quickly as few days after card decks have been sent to homes.

HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Some solo direct mail can run 55 cents per household.  CardNola costs pennies per household. It surely doesn’t make any sense if you own a landscape company or sell swimming pools or blacktop driveways and mail to people that live in apartment buildings. We pre-qualify every customer for you!

MEASURABLE RESULTS: Postcards make it easy for advertisers to be able to track their response rates.

NO ARTICLES OR OTHER DISTRACTIONS, YOUR PIECE WILL ACTUALLY BE SEEN: Another unavoidable fact is that magazine-like mailers can’t offer you the exclusivity each advertiser has on his own CardNola postcard. Your message won’t get lost in news articles, stories, editorials and the hundreds of other advertisements found in most magazines and newspapers. Your businesses’ CardNola postcard will be handled and read individually.

AND MORE……with all of these great features, why not  advertise with us today?  We are confident you will see a positive fundamental change to your traffic &  customer base.